SwappID - Self Sovereign Identity
What is SwappID?
SwappID is the ultimate way to unlock the value of your data. With SwappID, you can securely share and monetize your data while keeping your privacy intact. SwappID makes it easy for people, businesses, and developers to get the most out of their data.
SwappID will give you the choice to control your data. We don't want to hurt businesses, but we do want the corporations to stop infringing on your privacy rights and start respecting each and every one of you, and your data.
Swapp has created a data marketplace (SwappDMP) that allows you to take back the ownership of your personal information. SwappDMP is designed for privacy and to be permission-less, you can then control how your data is used. Swapp is changing how data companies work, by giving power back to you, the consumer.
You also get paid when you choose to sell your data. SwappDMP allows you to sell your in-market (behavioral) data and take 100% of the profit from the buyers (marketers/brands) that purchase your data on SwappDMP.
Last modified 4mo ago
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